Playing Table Tennis

The travel of the game of table tennis throughout the history has truly been a meaningful one and its highest levels have now reached the pinnacle of the industry and is renowned on the international level. This game is also more commonly referred to as ping-pong and just as its name suggests, it is played on a table. It can be played by individual opposing teams or played by a team of two, wherein the players' objective is to hit a tiny ball back to their opponent's court until one loses. Their weapon is a paddle that's also short, which is certainly the perfect medium in this game.

The game of table tennis is just like a tennis in a minified version. A net is visible on the center of the table and it is also regulated by strict rules that governs the process of the game. It is a fast-paced game that's truly fun to watch especially on the peak levels of the industry. When a player is going to serve, he is expected to make the ball go directly to the opponent's side of the court which is different from the rally.

On a rally, the player must hit the ball and make it bounce once on his own court, then bounce again on the other court. In this way, the player will take turns smashing the ball back to their opponent until one fails to do so. A player may fail either by not following the rules; by hitting the ball to the net; or by having an out. The game may seem simple, but if you've already watched a game on the international level, you'll surely feel that its quickness makes it incredibly harder by a whole league.

On 1926, the 'International Table Tennis Federation' was founded and it was the sole organization that's been tasked to govern the Table Tennis game that resulted to what it is now today. Currently, there are over 220 Members in this esteemed and prestigious organization and they also have a handbook that shares the rules of the game. From then on, the game experienced massive improvements in popularity and has become a revered Olympic Sport on the year 1988.