There Will Be No Bet On Olympics - 2016 Winter Games Canceled!

For some inexplicable reason, lots of folks who aren't really into mainstream sports, have a soft spot for the Olympic games. With so many sports coming together and winners walking away with medals, though it may not be a marathon like many spectator sports played week in and week out, there's still plenty of interest amongst neutrals. There's also plenty of opportunities for those who enjoy to bet on Olympics, with the likes of Sports Interaction and all their latest betting options, for all the relative events readily available to bump up the fun level.

With this in mind, it is sad to report that no municipality has put forward any kind of bid to host the Ontario Winter Games for 2016, and as such any bet on Olympics for 2016 now seems remote. Unfortunately it appears the spotlight on Ontario's bright young up and coming winter athletes will now be on hold until 2018 at the earliest.

In a statement last month released by the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport a spokesperson said it was important for everyone to understand that for such an event to take place a municipality needs to bid first before any host can be decided upon. This unfortunately has not been the case with the 2016 Ontario Winter Games. As for those who were looking forward to betting on the games, do not despair. We have you covered with a great site on that topic. is a great choice to make if you are into betting on various games, such as poker and dozens of other games.

The ministry's spokesperson added that they have recently adopted a new simplified bidding process and this should make it easier when it comes down to hosting future events. This will include the funding being increased by over 30 percent along with extended timelines on all bids. The province states with the event being canceled, there will be an economic impact in the region of $6 million, with 2700 - 3500 athletes originally scheduled to attend.

Whilst it still remains fact that the Sport Alliance of Ontario have filed an Assignment in Bankruptcy, people still hope there will be a lot of fun tournaments organised so perhaps no need to get too discouraged by these happenings. Whilst a bet on Olympics may be out of the question for Winter, the city of Mississauga is still scheduled as host for the 2016 Ontario Summer Games, so it could always be worse!