Learning the Basics of Squash Game

Many racket games have continuously become more popular over the years and one of them that's incredibly liked by countless players is the squash. This game can either be played by singles or teams of two just like most racket games today, but the difference lies in the fact that the opposing teams are both on the same court and the medium for their fight is the wall in front of them. A player will be given the task to initiate the rally by serving to the wall and that continues on until someone loses.

A rally in a squash game continues with opposing teams taking turns in hitting the ball to the wall in front of them. The wall has two lines that serves as the net for the game and hitting the ball on the restricted places is already considered an out and signifies your defeat for that rally. It is also important to remember that once you hit the ball, it must directly hit the wall and not bounce even once. It is also prohibited for a player to obstruct the movement or path of the player that's going to receive the ball whether it may be on purpose or even accidental ones.

Time has already molded the scoring system of squash carefully and now, the points that will signify the end of the game is when a player accumulates 11 points. However, it is required that for a player to win, he or she must be ahead of the opponent by two points. In this case, when a tie is met at the 10th point, it is evident that the game will run endlessly until a player manages to get ahead of the opponent for two rounds.

Learning Squash, just like any other racket games, will surely prove to be beneficial to your lifestyle and physical aspect. Being able to play it may take only days for you, but becoming on a professional level is a whole new discussion to talk about. There are many techniques, skills, shots and strategies that you need to learn for this game and if you want to take it more seriously, practice is definitely something you need.